Meet Tamara Torres, a Time & Energy Management Coach for Busy Professionals & Entrepreneurs

In 2010, I experienced several major life changes, including a divorce and a career transition away from my role as an integrative physician. With my three-year old daughter, I moved halfway across the country to be closer to my family and seek a new start. 

Just getting through each day was a struggle, much less pursuing a life of value and purpose. As I began to settle in Minneapolis, I made a pivot within my career to serve as an advanced practice coach. In this role, I helped corporate clients implement behavior changes that improved their physical and mental health, while managing chronic medical conditions. 

Inspired by the results of my corporate work, I launched Optima Results Coaching in 2018 to help busy professionals and entrepreneurs take control of their time and energy to maximize productivity, rejuvenate relationships, and live in alignment with their core values. 

My training includes completing my doctorate degree in naturopathic medicine, a clinical residency in family medicine, and receiving my bachelor’s degree in psychology at Barnard College (Columbia University). To date I have completed over 10,000+ coaching interactions and continue to combine my psychology and integrative medicine background with research and tools to ensure that my clients receive the most relevant and timely resources and support to positively transform their lives. 

Optima Results Coaching’s Core Values

Our coaching framework prioritizes space for all individuals to experience…

Connection: To develop trust and honesty 

Inclusion: To feel welcome, comfortable and valued 

Wellbeing: To integrate physical, mental, relational, spiritual, financial, and vocational components

Growth: To cultivate personal and professional advancement

Autonomy: To exercise personal responsibility, create empowerment and self-fulfillment