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The way we spend our days is the way we spend our lives. Unfortunately, many of us are not spending our days in alignment with our values, while dissatisfying days become weeks, months, and even years, of our life. 

With 10,000+ coaching interactions guiding my practice, I’ve developed a hands-on, collaborative approach with clients that provides non-judgmental accountability while supporting small, actionable steps that produce lifelong positive results. This shifts clients’ lives away from chaos towards clarity and happiness.

What We Do


With an emphasis on time and energy management, I work closely with individuals by offering one-on-one coaching sessions with high-achievers who are eager to build and maintain an empowered work-life balance aligned with their values. 


Tamara facilitates personal and professional development workshops on a variety of topics

Productivity Course:

Time management, mindfulness, and productivity skills are the focus of this 6-week online course that will give you the resources and tools to be present and achieve balance in the most important areas of your life. Learn from Tamara along with four expert co-teachers

Meet Your Time & Energy Management Coach

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My name is Tamara Torres, and I partner with busy professionals and entrepreneurs to develop time and energy solutions that are intentionally designed for each client level up and achieve success without sacrificing balance.

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