Optima Results Coaching was inspired by 10,000+ coaching sessions in the corporate wellness space that prioritized small, actionable steps designed to produce lifelong positive results for clients. 

Leaning into a decade of experience as a health and wellness coach, along with most timely and relevant research, I work closely with my clients to build customized coaching plans for high-achievers who are currently navigating multiple roles within their lives and are seeking a better work-life balance aligned with their core values.

I collaborate with my clients to develop strategies, and measurable outcomes that empower you to take control of your time and energy while receiving the guidance, support, and accountability of an expert coach. I prioritize data-driven solutions and actionable goals that stretch your capabilities, while also setting you up for success.

As part of your coaching package you will receive:

  • 3 months of coaching to achieve your biggest goals (1 month minimum commitment).
  • Up to 4 powerful 45-minute coaching sessions each month.
  • Email-based or encrypted text message check-ins to maintain your progress between sessions
  • Built-in accountability to ensure follow-through.
  • Satisfaction guarantee (within first 30-days of coaching).

I’d love to continue the conversation! Schedule a complimentary call with me, and we’ll discuss your top areas of concern and what you’re most motivated to change, before determining the right coaching solution for you.