When is it time to give up?

Some coaches (in life, health or business) will tell you “never give up.” But sometimes it is important to know when to give up, or at least adjust your goals.
My annual goal is to run 500 miles. For the past few years I have put in my miles even while traveling for business or pleasure. I have run some weeks despite physical pain that slowed me down.
When I injured my knee this May in martial arts, I continued to push through it for weeks. After completing our annual belt ceremony, I put the martial arts training and running on hold to let my body heal and turned my focus to lower impact activities. Soon after, I had an accident while biking that sent me to urgent care. I realized the universe was telling me to take a break.
If you set a goal to train for an athletic event and then realize it’s not a good fit for your body or you simply don’t enjoy the training process, find another challenge that you do enjoy.
If you are at a job and realize you’re not passionate about the work you do, it may be time to change course.
For me, it was not worth continuing to push my body and risk being permanently sidelined. In the meantime, I have been focusing on walking to maintain my physical and mental health and slowly integrating swimming, yoga and kayaking. By doing what’s right for my body right now, I’m confident that I can count on my body to meet challenges in the future.
Sometimes obstacles will tell you this is not the right path for now. This doesn’t mean you give up, it just means that you must find another route to reach your destination or goal of better health, job satisfaction, etc.
How do you envision the life you want?
What are you next steps towards that goal?
How will you handle the obstacles you face?
I look forward to partnering with and supporting you in overcoming any obstacles along the way. My goal is to help you achieve Health, Wealth & Your Best Self!

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