Work From Home Tips to Start Your Day

I started working from home a few days per week in 2015. I would still go into the office or a coworking space 3-4 days per week. Like many of you, I have now been solely working from home since mid-March for social distancing. It can be difficult to adapt when there are so many changes but I hope my work from home tips help with the transition.

  1. Get up close to your usual time for work
  2. Take advantage of some of the time you used to spend commuting:
    • Meditation/intention setting
    • Exercise (walk or at-home bodyweight exercises)
    • Eat a nutritious breakfast
  3. Change out of your pajamas into comfortable work clothes to get into work mode
  4. Maintain favorite morning rituals like a warm coffee or tea or refreshing shake
  5. Set aside 15 minutes before work to catch up on headlines
  6. End with a mental sorbet to cleanse your palate, like a funny YouTube video
  7. When you login for work, check your email and flag what needs a response today (but don’t reply until later in the morning)
  8. Set aside a 1-2 hour block of time to complete a project in the morning when your mind is the freshest
  9. Use a Pomodoro desktop time or app to help ensure focused blocks of time
  10. Take time for breaks, chat with your family, pet your cat, have another cup of tea. Productivity may decrease with the intention for connection, especially if you have family members at home. That’s okay!

Please stay home and help us flatten the curve. I invite you to connect for a free call as I am learning to better serve clients during these difficult times.

Photo credit: James Fitzgerald on Unsplash

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